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The Wahine behind
westside wahine

About Me.

I'm Rachel, the wahine behind Westside Wahine Photography. 


A couple things to know about me. . .

First off I'm a hopeless romantic. I adore hearing my client’s love stories. If I’m photographing your wedding (or elopement) there’s a very good chance I’m crying (happy tears) behind my camera while you read your vows to one another.

Second, photography has been a passion of mine for the last 15 years. As a kid I was quiet in a crowd. Rather than being the center of attention, I'd be quietly observing everything and everyone around me. This quality is reflected in the candid moments I capture and unique angles and vantage points of my work to this day. I love finding the subtle details, and fleeting moments that make the day so special and authentic to my couples. 


Third, I have a deep love for the beauty of this earth. I’ve seen my share of beautiful sunsets, but every afternoon I still catch myself in awe of the colors and how the clouds reflect the sun’s changing colors as it sets again. How the whites of the clouds at twilight are so crisp against the soft lilac and periwinkle sky. When the light dances through the palm trees, creating ever-changing patterns on the ground beneath it. 


My love for the earth is reflected in my photography, as well as my daily advocacy for the land, ocean, and all the life it sustains. If you’re interested in learning about how you can visit Hawaii while respecting the land, and its people, click below to visit my page on sustainability. Even if you’re not planning a wedding, anyone can be more mindful over their daily habits at home or while visiting the islands.

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